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The Alpyn Triple Option has been expertly crafted with the discerning hunter in mind. It offers unparalleled versatility, serving as a multi-functional tool that enhances the hunting experience from start to finish. The Alpyn Hiking Sticks provide a reliable support system for the journey to the hunting ground. Once on top of the mountain, the tripod base offers a steady platform for glassing. The ARCA Dovetail plate allows for swift and effortless attachment of your firearm, allowing for precise aim and accuracy.

In addition to these capabilities, the Alpyn Trekker legs can be used as tent poles, providing a secure support system during overnight stays. The extendable leg design, reaching up to 77.5 inches with the handle, eliminates the need to search for alternative support options. The FH1 Fluid Head or B40 Ball head options ensure seamless transitions, as they can accommodate any ARCA swiss attachments.

In short, the Alpyn Triple Option is a comprehensive and innovative solution that offers hunters maximum efficiency and versatility in the field.

Alpyn Triple Option Tripod Set

SKU: 0001
  • Triple Option Tripod set

    • 10 Layer Carbon Fiber
    • 32.5 mm Max Tube Diameter
    • 27 inch Folded Length (with B40 or FH1)
    • 70 Inch Max Height (With B40 or FH1)
    • 4 lbs 5 oz Weight (Tripod, B40 or FH1)
    • 5 lbs 4 oz Weight (Tripod, B40 or FH1, and handles)
    • 44 lb Load Capacity


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